Frequently asked questions

There are 3 ways to unsubscribe from the service:
1: Via text/SMS: You can unsubscribe at any time by sending 'STOP GYM' to 5415. You will be unsubscribed immediately.
2: Via the portal: There will always be a visible option to unsubscribe in the portal.
3: Via our helpdesk: Customers can contact us by email if the method does not work.

If you are browsing the Internet, you might come across one of StreamGym Today's promotions, and you might decide to give it a try. You must press the button and confirm your interest twice! After that, you will receive a welcome message with a portal URL, and you are ready to get fit!

If you have subscribed to StreamGym Today, you will be charged $4.99 (excluding VAT) per week.

All promotional materials clearly state that this is a subscription service. Besides, after subscription, the customer will receive a free information message indicating the cost of the service, frequency, and information on unsubscribing.

We do not send messages to a cell phone number unless the number is subscribed to one of our services. You may not remember subscribing to the service. Be careful when lending your cell phone to other people. The subscription will be activated only after you activate it.

We understand that this is an unpleasant situation. To directly unsubscribe your child from our service, send a text message stating 'STOP GYM' to 5415. For other methods of unsubscribing, see question 1.